Thursday, 24 May 2012

Its nearly a year since I last posted anything on this blog!!  Where HAS that time gone to??

The reason I'm writing now is that in just one week's time I shall be on the verge of going on my second pilgrimage to the Holy Land and - like last time - I intend to capture my thoughts as we travel.  I hope that you we follow me as I spend 10 days based in Galilee and then Jerusalem.

Last time I came back with my mind buzzing with the sights and sounds, aromas and vistas. I was challenged by what I experienced, both in terms of what I learnt but also where my preconceptions were turned upside down.  It's strange being confronted with the "reality" of all the carefully built up images that you've constructed over the years - but then how much of that is real??  If you expect certainty then for the most part you will be disappointed... much of what you see is received wisdom.

However, the Holy Land is much, much more than that - as the recent book and television series by Simon Sebag Montifiore demonstrated.  Its a vibrant melting pot of peoples and faiths.  Of traditions and beliefs. It is utterly fascinating and I can't wait for next week to come round.

I may not have much time between now and next Thursday to post anything else but once I'm 'on the way' I intend to start this journal with a vengeance! 

And maybe there will be photos as well...

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