Monday, 6 June 2011

Do you approach a holiday time with an increasing sense of knowing just how much you need it? A deepening knowledge that you're only just managing to keep body and soul together? I am!
Its just over 5 weeks before we escape for two weeks to the south of France for a fortnight of just doing nothing and it can't come soon enough!

When you're at home or at work or just in the daily/weekly routine/grind its virtually impossible to carve out time to just be. There is always that little task you've been threatening to do for ages that nags you into feeling guilty. Or there are friends you haven't seen for ages or family gatherings you must attend.

Sometimes - or at least just before we moved house - I'd managed to achieve a routine that allowed me time for me each weekend, time to just flop/slob and re-charge. To be alone (though since it was at a health club I was always surrounded by people). To be anti-social. To internalise conversations and sort through anything that was niggling me.

Since moving to our gorgeous new home that's become an infrequent luxury. But I'm beginning to realise its not a luxury at all - rather its an essential part of a healthy balance for me...

When I return from my two weeks of slobbing I must give that priority!

Until then though I shall endeavour to keep body and soul together and look forward to lazying by the pool/sea with a good book on my e-reader!!

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