Saturday, 28 May 2011

The world is so small isn't it...?!

Well thanks to the facility that is Skype it is! In the last 24 hours I've spoken to Naomi and Colin in San Diego and Necia in Wellington! Its almost like they're in the room. Fabulous! And its true it does shrink the world!

There were weeks that would go by when Naomi was too busy to be able to pop in at home but now its almost like we will have the chance to speak more often. So far we've had loads of emails and last night a tour of their new apartment - courtesy of a laptop and Skype. Utterly brilliant!

As for Necia - my ex-flatmate - its been over 5 months since we last chatted so its hardly surprising that we spoke for an hour. LOTS to catch up on including two weddings (both our son's) and plans for a couple more. Wellington is truly on the other side of the world and a 27 hour trek by plane, this is such an amazing alternative.

All I need to do now is make sure Neil and Nicola get connected too and we'll have it sorted!

I caught the end of a piece on the radio yesterday about the importance of touch as a child grows up. Appropriate touch is always important in childhood and it remains so as we mature. It feels good to hug a relative or friend. That close physical contact is so precious... We'll have to accept that is rationed while we live in all these far flung places... but the visual sense helps :-)

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