Friday, 14 March 2014

A story never to be told?

I love nature and could watch it endlessly.  Last weekend while I was at home I heard a huge  commotion.  A great squawking and screeching.  Looking out of the window I saw  two magpies embroiled in a fight watched on by a third.  It looked brutal.  The third bird even joined in at times,their sharp beaks plunging at each other.

Then from all around came other magpies. The noise level grew even more but these ones stayed on the roof tops like a baying mob and observed the fight from a distance. I counted seven in all - hence the title of this post!

Nature is brutal though but we have become removed an remote from that reality.  We were reminded in church on Wednesday evening that the beautiful spring lambs that gambol in the fields across our land will eventually become cutlets!  That is the harsh reality and is why many in good conscience choose to be vegetarian.  We have lost that connection with the roots of our food.

Maybe that is a story that should be told...

As for the magpies? They were disturbed by a passing car and flew off to continue their fight elsewhere.

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