Saturday, 8 March 2014

I can resist anything but temptation !

Well, a couple of days into Lent and its not going too badly!  I managed lots of exercise and minimal alcohol for the last two days because we had friends visiting from Austria.  London is such a vibrant city to show off. We only scratched the surface really though we didn't rest for long.  The weather certainly delivered with warm spring sunshine making the whole city sparkle!

I realise that I'm pretty poor at self-discipline, hence the title of this post. Its one of my all time favourite quotes!  However, if I can manage a couple of days there is hope!

The Lent book is a fertile source of things to ponder. It doesn't contain any new ideas or novel theology but its written in different styles and language which combined make for a provoking read!  It also has ways to surprise. For example I'd worked out that God is not into punishment on Thursday only to read that thought the following morning in the daily reflection.

Life is rarely about a new discovery. Its all about being reminded.  We joke about the attention span of  a goldfish when the truth is that we're not much better at times!  Unless its something we are carrying a grudge or a desire that we know we shouldn't...

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