Thursday, 6 March 2014

Six weeks to rescue my life?!

Its Lent! Last night we had a super sermon from Fr Philip North which has had me thinking all night!  Lent is all about setting aside time to reflect and ponder.  Yes, some folk abstain from something they enjoy and others add something into their lives for the season. But the real focus should be on self-examination. Where we are with God. How healthy our faith life is. A sort of spiritual MOT!

So what exactly am I going to do? The obvious one is to give up alcohol - I know I enjoy it too much... but I could just take something on...  I want to spend more quality time reflecting on the Word and I shall be using our own Lenten booklet to do that.  I also want to record what thoughts the daily text has prompted. So far, so good!

As  I read the first day's offering I decided that an alarm clock was just what I needed!  I realised that I take my physical health too much for granted, not enough exercise, too much food, not enough sleep, too much booze!  Not all the time admittedly but more than is good.

This all comes over rather "heavy" but the truth is, as I pondered abstinence I got a strong sense that this is NOT about punishment. God loves us. He wants us to have abundant life - but maybe not quite so abundant as at  present!! So, the deal has been agreed - its about learning to love and care for myself as God would have me do...

So its less or better food and a single glass of wine combined with more sleep and exercise.  I know I'll feel so much better for it... So,why is it so hard?!

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