Sunday, 10 June 2012

Beginning the long journey home!

The alarm went off at a reasonably sane time this morning - 07:30 hrs.  If anyone asks me how my 'holiday' was I may get a little grumpy!  Pilgrimage is hard work - though the 'partying ' is optional the early starts and exacting schedules to ensure you get the most out of the precious time here means you need stamina in bucket loads!

Today will be a long one, we land just before midnight UK time which will be 02:00 hrs in our current time zone and for many its work and school tomorrow morning! I am staying at the airport over night and going straight to the office - luggage and all!  It will be a very stark contrast!

Last night we continued our engagement with people who live here.  On Wednesday night my friend Alice and her boyfriend Moritz told me/us about their work for UNRA (I hope I've got the acronym right!) and the Holocaust Museum respectively.  Moritz is sponsored by the German Roman Catholic Church to work in the museum - pretty powerful stuff there.  Alice works with schools in Gaza.

Then Friday night Donald McIntyre (spelling? hope that's right too) the Independent's Jerusalem correspondent came to share his own views of this complex land having lived here for eight years.  Fascinating insights from a journalistic point of view.

Saturday night Abigail a young Israeli woman originally from London came to share her own experience having moved here recently.  She lives in Jerusalem but lectures at the university in Haifa where her students are both Israeli and Palestinian.  Her fresh insights were fascinating.

So plenty to chew on there then!!!

Must sign off - church beckons... and so begins the long journey home... or is home where we have been?

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