Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 3 already!

This will be a very quick post as we're about to board the bus for Cana and then onto Nazareth! For some reason last night I suffered connectivity problems! Annoying as there is so much to say!!

I want to tell folk hit by the drought that there is hope.  Last time we came the Sea of Galilee was desperately low, this time it much higher and it was teaming with life.  Tiny shoals of little fish - literally small fry were visible close to the shore and larger ones became clear - both in size of fish and number - as we went out to the boat yesterday afternoon.  It spoke volumes about bountiful provision...

This morning I woke early enough to see dawn... though I decided not to wait for the sun to come over the hills.  However, looking out on that scene the timelessness of it all hit me in a powerful way.

I promise to add photos later to today but the bus waits for no-one!

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