Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 1 - part deux

We've only been 'on tour' for 24 hrs and already there is so much to report!  First and foremost our pilgrimage leader woke yesterday morning with his back in some chronic pain.  An emergency doctors and osteopath appointments were arranged.  With needles, manipulation and serious pain relief he managed to make it to the hotel. Fortunately his wife and a daughter were in the party so they could help carry bags.

This morning he appeared with some other pain relief - a hot water bottle but I'm pleased to say that as the day has worn on so it appears the various treatments and masses of prayer are working.

I have to say that EasyJet was a great experience.  The flight was on time - even landed earlier than expected.  The pilot was a hoot and clearly considered he'd missed his true vocation as a stand-up comic.  In fact the lack of extra security you understandably have on El Al made it all rather pleasant.

We're about to have our first official meeting so I'll blog so more later but we're a fab group with lots of diversity in terms of ages, background, profession - all sorts. But we started to bond last night over a meal and the odd glass of something... as you do!

Its nearly 9pm and we're sitting outside... its almost too warm but there's a pleasant breeze.  Some of the younger members of the party are in the swimming pool! Pretty blissful really!!

I'll try and add in some photos later too!

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