Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 1 - the last instalment

 The journey from the airport to the hotel was stunning.  We went a different way from the last time I came and were treated to the most amazing views of the plains of Armageddon and Mount Tabor with the outline of the church clear. 

We also saw the separation wall for the first time as it ran alongside the road for a short distance.  It looked innocuous from the road but its electrified and about 4 metres tall from the other side. 

But the best view was saved 'til last.  Our first view of the Sea of Galilee was unbelievable.  It took our collective breath away,  And in the the photo above - a pale reflection of the reality - we could see three countries: Jordan, Syria and Israel. The confluence of countries and landscapes.

Supper was as delicious as I recalled - a salad bar to die for.  Delicious roast garlic.  Herbs and fresh tastes that get your taste buds zinging.  Then a meeting by the shore of the lake... the sound of the water lapping gently... a gentle zephyr... and we joined in prayer.  A perfect end to the day!

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