Monday, 11 June 2012

Inappropriate clothing!

One of the things that you're constantly aware of in the Holy Land is making sure you're wearing the right clothes.  Knees should be covered - for men and women, I've seen some rather fascinating innovations in terms of sarongs on men.  Shoulders should also be covered and sleeves should really reach your elbows - or at least approach them.  In some cases heads have to covered with hats - that's mainly aimed at women though.

Yesterday when we visited Temple Mount I was very aware of all that and wore full length light linen trousers, a long sleeved knee length shift and a beautiful hand-embroidered shawl I'd bought the evening before at the hotel over my head.  I sort of felt I looked the part - rather Middle Eastern!

However, the title of this post refers to my dress today!!  We landed safely at five minutes to midnight last night and I'd booked into a hotel at Luton airport.  I eventually turned the light off at 1.30 am but was wide awake at 6.30 so got up and came into work. 

The problem was what to wear!  I had to attend a meeting with the Minister this morning so nothing too 'casual' would do.  But all I had in my case was attire suited to hot weather and its the monsoon season in the UK at present.  I got some funny looks from people in boots and winter coats as we waited for the train on a blustery Luton station.  They clearly queried my sanity as I stood there in summer clothes, a thin cardigan and sandals!!

I am truly the most inappropriately dressed person in London today!

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