Wednesday, 29 December 2010


For me this wonderfully descriptive, modern word always reminds me of a Saturday football programme that I found tedious but that many (including my husband) loved, and still do!

But it sums up rather neatly exactly what I felt as I looked around the garden and hedgerows near where we live and saw the plants that had been frozen solid and then covered in inches of snow only a couple of days ago - if that!

Nature has an amazing way of bouncing back.

But as I looked more closely I started to notice that some of the plants were more resilient than others. Some were delicate and had taken the punishment of the harsh weather rather badly, they looked bedraggled. Others possessed immediate bouncebackability - the state of the parsley took me by surprise! Of course, there are other plants that know they just can't cope with winter and hide before it comes.

The real test will come in the spring when new growth starts, some may not be strong enough to handle that... Time will tell!

We're like that too... some of us handle bitter storms in our lives better than others. We wilt at the time but eventually bounce back, though possibly stunted by the attack.

Some take a lot longer to recover... some find they can never regain from the onslaught...

All need individual attention, care and, above all, understanding.

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  1. I agree, nature is amazing. Hi, I'm a long-distance friend of Kat's.