Friday, 24 December 2010

Little things please little minds...

As I stood washing up in the kitchen this morning, gazing out of the window to take the edge of the tedium of washing up 20+ foil mince pie cases, I was suddenly filled with joy! Across the road flitting from branch to branch in the bare hawthorn hedge were a group of four blue tits! I hadn't seen them for nearly two weeks and the number of goldfinches coming to the feeders has dropped dramatically.
These bitterly cold temperatures threaten small birds and I had mixed feelings on Sunday when I spotted a sparrowhawk on the roof opposite, magnificent bird - but they too are hungry. The clue is in their name!

Now, before you dismiss me and some sort of "do-good-er" nut I should explain my motivation for foil washing and bird watching, actually its borderline bird stalking!

I just think we live on the most beautiful planet. From space it looks like a gem, blue and white swirling patterns, not dense grey clouds of gas or barren dry rocks. When you examine it more closely, as we do each day - consciously and sub-consciously, we see that its even more stunning.

So I'm motivated to try and care for it! If we don't care for the beautiful creation we've been given - who will?

I recycle what I can, as much as I can. I was even excited when I found out that our local council re-cycling centre now takes 'hard plastics' and has a small foil bin.

Little things please little minds... while other fools look on...

But back to the blue tits - the sight of them really did make my heart leap for joy! It made me think of that lovely parable about the lost sheep and the joy in heaven when it was found...

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