Friday, 31 December 2010

Water played a big part in my life yesterday!

(But before I go any further can I just reassure my family and friends that I absolutely adore having house guests - honestly!!)

The washing machine was hardly still - and is already whirling away again this morning - as I struggled to catch up on routine laundry as well as the extra three sets of bedding and towels. Family over the Christmas period and then two friends over the New Year is fabulous ... but the work still has to be done.

I feel like I'm running a Chinese laundry at times!

However, I managed to get out long enough to walk along the river bank near where we live. By the time I got out the fog had started to descend again but as you will note from the photos above it just added to the beauty of the walk.

The river was incredible! I started on the little bridge over a natural weir, the noise of the water was almost deafening as the melting snow swelled its normal levels. Yet, within a few yards it had changed to a scene of utter serenity, tranquility and peace. The quiet too was also almost deafening!

Water is such a mesmeric element...

It can be exhilarating and energising...

It can be soothing and restorative...

It can just be plain banal... I'm off to sort out the next washing machine load!

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