Thursday, 30 December 2010

Isn't it amazing what an impact the weather makes...

For the last couple of days we've been shrouded - and I do mean shrouded - in fog! I'm fascinated by weathers conditions and the reactions they provoke in me.

Fog brings out two very diverse responses in me. The first is one of being wrapped and isolated from the world. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling - a sense of cosseting. I like the sound-deadening impact fog has too. And the stillness is fabulous; so calming...

However, the second response is one of unease and fear, usually when I'm driving or walking through it. The isolation changes from being a positive experience into a more "what's out there" worry... with a tinge of danger.

So much, if not all, that confronts us in life has a light and a dark side.

How we react - seeing light or dark, good or bad - is a direct result of where we are personally, at that moment in time...

The sun has just broken through the clouds! I think I'll go for a walk later!! Sun in the dark days of winter is definitely a good thing!!

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