Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Trust is such a funny thing!

A friend's predicament last night started me thinking about the place of trust in faith.

She'd planned her flight back home carefully and deliberately to ensure she was still around for our Bible study group's Christmas party. Then the snow came and didn't stop falling until there was travel chaos and closed airports. She asked us to pray that her flight would go ahead...

Which, of course, we did!

So why did that make me think about trusting God?

It brought to the surface of my own mind the promise I am absolutely and definitely certain God made to me. Which I am still waiting to come to fruition. We have no binding contract. We had no face-to-face meeting. We didn't even email one another about it.

So how am I so certain?

And therein lies the link! I intuited it, I sensed it. I am sure I had a conversation with God through an inner form of dialogue and affirmation by signs. At the end of it all though I just have to trust...

Some days its simple.
Some days its really, really difficult.
And there are days when its verging on impossible...

Trust underpins so much of who we are

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