Saturday, 1 January 2011

I am so glad I have all my senses

I'm also fortunate to enjoy good health, but senses are particularly key to me since I get so much from observing the world around me and reflecting on those observations.

Smell is such a fascinating sense!

It evokes so many memories...

At the start of my walk the other day I wandered along the road and went by a number of homes that had planted conifers as hedges. Their scent hang heavily in the air as if they had been freshly cut but they hadn't - it was the combination of the icy weather ending and the sodden foggy air. It was such a beautiful smell!

Pine reminds me so much of my childhood. We lived in a house that had trees - lots of them - in the front garden which required constant attention. Branches broke off. Leaves tumbled down in autumn. So did nuts, delicious sweet chestnuts!

Us kids used to help Dad saw up the wood for the open fires that warmed our home. He used a great big saw with a little handle on the smaller end. We pushed the saw back to him.

Pine logs were just the best because of their smell, both whilst being chopped up but also when they went onto the fire.

Cosy thoughts... warm memories... all from a brief waft of scent!
Memories define who we are...
But enough of this indulgence! I must go back to the ironing mountain in the Chinese laundry!!

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