Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gosh, was it really a week ago that I was dashing around Norwich making final preparations for the wedding??

Where has that time gone? How can a whole week just evaporate?

Yet there is also a strong sense of having filled it to overflowing. Squeezing every last second out of the ever moving hands of the clock. the passage of time is inexorable and utterly constant... yet its amazing how it appears to speed up and slow down depending on what we are doing.

Occasionally, when I'm feeling like an intellectual challenge and I have the opportunity and energy to chew over a really 'meaty' thought - so you can guess how occasional that really is! - I try and get my head round the concept of time and God existing throughout and in it and before it and creating it. frequently that's about as far as I get because it makes my brain hurt.

Our lives are so controlled and constrained by time... I suspect that's why Dr Who has such unending popularity, the concept of time travel is one we can only imagine... Yet the potential consequences of being able to travel in time are just as weird to comprehend as time itself...

But back to God! The only way I can start to approach an understanding of God's relation with time is through art. Salvador Dali's painting Christ of Saint John of the Cross is one that helps me... That somehow captures an image of God in the universe, above the confines of our planet, inextricably linked and yet separated...

But less of the philosophising - there's another wedding to begin to think about now!

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