Monday, 16 May 2011

Great... at last a chance to post a thought or two!!

My life feels manic at the moment. Lots and lots going on with the family. An extra short term role at work, however that brings quite a lot of extra responsibility - I didn't go looking for it, it found me! BUT the family are the focus at present. Our son returned from his honeymoon on Friday last week so we made a snap decision and went to stay with him and his in-laws Friday night... oh, and our daughter came along too, with her other half! Crazy but utterly lovely. We're so lucky that we get on with our son's wife's parent really well!

What I really want to tell you about though is fab friends! I'm so, so lucky.

My close mate Katrina and her gorgeous girls (two black Labrador's) is such a source of fun and inspiration, joy and laughter, empathy and sympathy. She's a writer and she has heaps of talent and I'm proud and privileged to act as one of her editors... I trust her with my life... On the surface, to look at us, you'd never put us as close mates...

Then there's Nick n Rob, who feature in the photo! We all met in the most 'normal' way - they had a flat to sell and I was one of the pair, me and my mate Necia, who purchased it. It might've finished there but I am delighted to say it didn't and we met up afterwards and haven't stopped since. In fact its now nearly 9 years and we're still having such fun.

Life brings you all sorts of opportunities - some more of a surprise than others - but its far too short to say "this shouldn't work"

I'm so glad to be able to look beyond the obvious and find some wonderful - life long - friends! :-)

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  1. Great to have you back and a lovely blog, as ever. What a great photo too.