Thursday, 12 May 2011

I saw a dog the other day... nothing unusual with that I hear you say. But it was a hot day - like so many this spring - and as I was walking through the streets I saw a car pull up nearby with a dog in the back seat.

Its head was out of the window and its ears flapped in the wind. Its nose was sniffing furiously, trying to gather all the different smells that were coming thick and fast. It seemed to have not a care in the world!

It was just such a lovely sight. So human and yet not so. I could almost feel that same rush of air over my face and, though my ears aren't big enough to flap, I could imagine my hair being ruffled by the wind.

It felt so cool - such a contrast to how I felt. Hot, bothered, tired, a tad sweaty - you know the feeling. I had this huge desire to flee the crowded streets and find a wide open space to just rest in, to simply be at one with the world...

I know I don't allow myself to do that often enough... just be that is I also know that my 'well-being' is the poorer for it.

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