Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Its SO annoying!

My number plates have been stolen again - actually only one this time, the front plate.

It makes me so angry - though mostly with myself because I'd found a way to prevent them being nicked by parking the front of the car against a metal railing that was also planted by some thick laurel bushes. Only last night I didn't park quite snug enough and there it was - gone when I left for work this morning!

So I had to go to the police station and report the theft and provide all the necessary details and explain that I do really live in two places - twice... and yes, this has happened before and no the criminal damage wasn't to my car but to my bedroom window... But its done now.

All I have to do is drive home carefully this weekend making sure I keep my crime reference number with me so that is/when the police stop me - because the number plate has been reported stolen....

Actually, this didn't happen for years. The first times were ages ago when I moved into the flat nearly nine years ago. Then its happened twice in the last 8 months or so... If I were to offer an opinion I'd say it coincided with things getting tough on the job front and prices going up and folk having to take desperate measures...

It may be annoying for me but what drives someone to commit a crime???

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