Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Last night I finally watched the fourth programme in the recent BBC mini-series "The Wonders of the Universe".

It was a popular series and well presented by Professor Brian Cox and I have to admit to really enjoying it all. It certainly stretched my grey matter a bit! In fact within minutes of the final part starting my brain started to ache... not literally but just through over-activity and trying to get my head round the HUGE numbers that were involved...

It was all about light and the birth of the universe and how the former tells us so much the latter. I was well and truly hooked. Fascinated by all I was hearing and by the way it was presented. Slightly disappointed that the speed of light is now measured in metrically - what happened to 186,000 miles per second... I can't even be sure if I've remembered that correctly because there is no way I can convert that into a metric equivalent!

But I got things before they were said when he talked about wavelength and how the further light travels the longer the wavelength so stuff far away looks red... It was fun as well as stretching!

Then I started to think about the enormity of it all and how indescribably small we are. So, so insignificant when galaxies, let alone stars, are counted in millions of millions. Yet it all started from the same place at a single point in time - the beginning of time.... virtually impossible to comprehend... When you then layer on top of that my personal belief in God and how God existed before time, at the beginning of time and throughout all time - that is when my brain gets close to exploding like one of those dying stars!

Quest for understanding and knowledge is part of our very being... we were made in that way... but it doesn't mean we have to understand it all instantly, as we mature as a race we comprehend more through the wisdom and insight of great minds.

I'm happy to just grasp the little nuggets that I can in the knowledge that I shall know it all one day but not in this life

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