Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I'm really annoyed with myself! I'm too busy at the moment to even find time to think of a photo to go with this post! work is busy, busy and - well you know how crazy my family life is at the moment.

However, despite my annoyance I have found time to bask in a little moment of self-congratulation today!

I've got a new mobile phone. Its a smart phone - well I think it is. Its touch screen and can access the internet and when I have time I can even think about downloading some apps! I've mastered the basics - so i can text, make phone calls and even check emails. I've managed to turn off the ringing tones so its on silent/vibrate. But I haven't yet worked out how to increase the volume of the person I'm speaking to so that i can hear more clearly - maybe I'm going deaf!

BUT today's little triumph was that I succeeded in setting the alarm for the right time!

How exciting! Even better the tone that wakes you is rather soft to the point of being gentle but gradually builds up as you ignore it or rouse from deep slumber...

So I'm feeling a tad smug at this success - it won't last I'm sure to fail at something trivial on it soon!

I promise a photo tomorrow - maybe even two! ;-)

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