Sunday, 1 May 2011

Its hard to know where to start on re-telling or even just capturing a glimpse of such a magnificent, near-perfect day...

The weather was incredible, wall to wall sunshine, though as the day wore on a breeze sprung up that was a tad chilly and made veils and trains billow in the wind.

The alarm went early but only so that the golfers could dash out and play a nerve-soothing 9 holes or so. Breakfast - pre-ordered was waiting in the dining room. The rest of us gathered at a more leisurely pace and civilised time. I wandered about camera in hand taking snaps of the preparations. Then the golfers returned and I became 'chief buttonhole pin-ner on'! After they left - and returned to collect the rings and left again - I could concentrate on getting ready myself!

The church looked superb. The guests as splendid as those who adorned the Abbey the day before. The music group arrived had a rapid run through. The ushers, best men and groom joined others at the pub at the bottom of the road for a little courage. The vicars put their robes on and people began to take their seats.

The service was so relaxed and so personal. Spontaneous applause erupted on a couple of occasions. Smiles were broad. The sun continued to shine. The photos were duly taken and the biodegradable confetti thrown - outside the church gate as requested.

Back at the reception the celebrations continued with fine food and drinks in a beautiful marquee. However, the highlight was undoubtedly the three speeches! Each superbly delivered - they reduced me to tears - of laughter!

There is nothing so precious as being surrounded by friends and family enjoying and celebrating a special moment in the lives of two young people.

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