Monday, 9 May 2011

My life is just too busy at the moment!!!!!

I have been desperately trying to carve out enough time to blog but it just hasn't happened!

I'm desperate for a 'normal' quiet weekend and that will only be possible once my beautiful daughter has emigrated to the US! So its a real double-edged sword...but then I believe that as you bring up your children your main - even key - purpose is to equip them for life and all that lies ahead. The good things and the bad things. The happy and sad times.

I've never felt the need to see my children succeed professionally - though its a joy to know that they are in their own ways. I've never felt it necessary to count and compare exam successes or material possession (that goes for me and the kids!). The things I wanted my children to have and value above all others include: happiness; strong sense of right and wrong; a desire to combat injustice; the ability to be a true and constant friend; and the love of their family.

All sounds pretty obvious, even simple....

The other gift I wished to instill in them was a self-confidence and belief in who they are. Not so that they would become arrogant or a pain in the neck but just enough to make sure that they could stand up to things when confronted by something they knew not to be right and/or just.

Today I've been doing a couple of end year reviews with some of the folk I line manage and I realised that my 'parental zeal' was almost as strong in that context. I want to develop and grow those who work for me so that they can fly this little teams 'nest' and flourish in a new bigger nest, maybe as a manager themselves.

Life can be about allowing people to move on. About knowing when its time to let go and move on...

And that's includes all sorts of situations - especially those that have outgrown their usefulness... or you have outgrown them...

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