Saturday, 30 April 2011

Missed a day! But I just didn't have a moment to spare...

Neil gets married today! Yesterday started off with a call from my Mum saying she wasn't going to be able to come and help do the flowers in the church... at 6.40am!! And she had all the greenery and the ribbons and the oasis and - well all the stuff we were going to use with the exception of the flowers, which were to be booked up locally. Aaarrgghh PANIC!

However, I managed to regain composure and sorted a plan in my ind in the time it took to shower. I drove to hers picked up the stuff ands still arrived at the church on time! The only hiccup was that my phone didn't have a signal and Neil was trying to reach me! But we all got together in the end and extra folk pitched in!

In fact - as so often - out of adversity comes a real blessing. Naomi (daughter) and Colin (her fiance) arrived with my Mum-in-law. They ALL did arrangements, Colin becoming quite creative with ivy! Neil swept up and arranged chairs. Ray (his future father-in-law) got up a step ladder and helped me deliver the hanging arrangements on the columns! Nicola and her brother-in-law Andy turned up with food.

A fabulous, wonderful family effort. In some ways its what weddings are all about - a celebration of all that is family!

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