Sunday, 20 March 2011

Birthdays come and birthdays go...

Its just another day after all isn't it...? Or maybe it isn't. There are cards and presents to open. There are texts and phone calls. There are people wanting to share it with you, friends and family who want to help you celebrate.

Another year. Another notch. Its strange to be a different age. I've only just got used to the last one. I don't feel any different, I still feel like I did yesterday. No dramatic overnight decline!

However, in the last few days and weeks I've been hearing my mother as I speak. Her intonation. Her words, even in the way that she uses them. Is it inevitable? Will I turn into my mother? I am a different person... but having been brought up by someone you must learn their mannerisms... mustn't you??

I'm off to celebrate with a glass of bubbles - that doesn't break my Lenten fast to give up white, rose or red wine!!
By the way, 3 doesn't figure in my age at all. Not for quite a few years!!

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