Saturday, 19 March 2011

I awoke to more white!!

We had a sharp frost overnight and the cars were coated with a semi opaque layer of ice whilst the daffodils were bowed low, limp and dejected - their heads almost touching the soil.

Then the sun came up and its power melted the frost in an instant. The daffodils regained their strength and were soon standing up straight again.

But that wasn't the only white experience I had in the morning. The air was heavy with the scent of a white flower - a hyacinth. As the sun warmed it the perfume increased. There is something utterly delicious about the fresh scent of flowers and hyacinths certainly provide a lot, their heady almost pungent perfume lingers long...

It was a gorgeous day, wall to wall sunshine. The warmth of spring held the promise of summer.

Its my birthday tomorrow and I recall the weather from previous years - its often one extreme or the other. I can recall being allowed to wear my new summer clothes as a child as well as having it snow. Snow... more white connections!

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