Monday, 7 March 2011

Today started off with a series of unusual sights.

I was up early to get the train to London and in the dawn light as I pulled up the blind in the bedroom I saw a rabbit scamper across the road. Goodness knows what spooked it but it was running for cover as quick as it could go, its little white tail bobbing up and down frenetically. I often see them in the headlights in the evening but usually they're back in their burrows before sunrise.

Then there was a noise I link more with balmy summer evenings - the whoosh of the gas-fired hot air balloons. The "plum" place to take off is in a park quite close to where we live so we often see them as they try to gain height quickly and drift away from the city and over the glorious Norfolk countryside. But I hadn't expected to see one this morning - though I have to admit that the conditions (if you ignore the temperature!) were perfect.

Finally, on my way into Liverpool Street station as the train slowed down for its approach I was at the front of the queue for the door. It was impossible not to notice all the rubbish that was piled up at the side of the track, Old hot drink beakers, endless plastic bottles, snack wrappers, fast food cartons you name it was all there - not at all unusual though very unsightly and even more unpleasant! However, what really took my eye was a huge pile of orange peel - and I mean HUGE! It looked like the peel from one of the big nets of oranges you get at a supermarket.

How on earth did it get there? Why on earth was it there? Did a group of health conscious graffiti artists leave it? Or were the gang working on track maintenance trying to top up their five-a-day?

I can't answer any of those questions! But I've been intrigued by them all day!!

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