Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I really like my job because each day I arrive thinking I know what is going to happen and each day I am confronted with the unexpected!

I've been doing this role for far too long - some would say - but the fact that its so unpredictable makes it great fun! Challenging. Exciting. There is rarely a day when I just sit back and think - well, that all went as I planned it this morning!

I like expecting the unexpected. I enjoy rising to the challenge of an immediate deadline. I feel OK when I have to think on my feet, when I have to give quick answers that serve the organisation best. I flourish in fast moving situations. Its certainly not a role that everyone would find enjoyable. Isn't it great that we're all so different!

I guess that is why I love to escape to somewhere that is utterly quiet, preferably remote. where I can be alone. No mobile, maybe some music but not even that is necessary. I love to walk. Equally, I love to sit and watch the world go by... I particularly like it when I don't see another soul all day. I love to wallow in the magnificence of creation.

I love the contrast from the daily routine. It energises me!

No one to converse with. Well no physical presence. Its at times like that I find myself entering into long discussions with God. Looking back over something in my life, from the not too distant past or from decades ago. I often return feeling as if my batteries have been recharged.

I think everyone needs that in their lives - but their own way, not mine...

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