Monday, 14 March 2011

So much assailed my senses this morning!!

A perfect start to a day... Up early enough to still the frost and watch as the sun started to disperse the fog (or was it mist) Steam rising off branches. Sunlight filtering through. A sharpness in the air. Fab-u-lous!

Then two hours flew by as I devoured the draft of a novel that a friend has written. The story line is gripping but my role is to be the spelling pedant and spot the missing words or the repetition or the bit of plot that could be tweaked so I can't, indeed mustn't race ahead. Though I have to own up to taking a look at the end when the whole manuscript first came through! Its so naughty but I couldn't resist knowing how it finished after reading the first dozen chapters!

But its a real privilege to be part of something unique and creative...

Now I look out of the window and the scene is grey... yet this morning held so much promise, so many signs of glorious colours to come. The hedgerows are beginning to burst forth with the most amazing array of bright lime greens and pale blossoms. It really does begin to feel like spring is on the way and this long cold winter will soon be over. I love the anticipation of the next season...

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