Monday, 21 March 2011

You learn something new every day - or in this case - the penny drops on some nugget of information every day!

I do know quite a bit about the equinoxes - not least because I was born on one! I knew they were the mid-point between the depth of winter and the height of summer. (I just love how summer has a positive descriptor and winter the opposite!) But it wasn't until I was watching the weather on the tele last night that the penny dropped.

The equinox is the day when daylight and darkness are equal. Its blindingly obvious once you know it and I could've - maybe should've - made that deduction myself without waiting to be told after all these years. Something that is perfectly normal for someone living on the equator but only happens twice a year for those of us who live further away - though of course its minutes different each day so the gradual change is barely noticeable.

Yet I say that when actually I really DID notice the difference late last week. On Thursday night as I was finishing work the sun was sinking on the horizon - well behind the buildings that surround our office and I noticed that it was setting in a different place!! It had moved significantly! Again this is something that I should've deduced because I know that the angle of the earth means the sun 'moves' with the seasons - low and angular in winter, high above in summer. But I'd never noticed just how much it had moved...

I won't see a sunset for a while now - well not at work! I shall look forward to them adorning my day in the autumn...

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