Sunday, 27 March 2011

We were talking about baths recently and someone used a word I rarely hear and spoke about "an array of unctions" to make the whole bathing experience all the more delicious.

I have only ever used that word in one context and that is in a hymn!

Come Holy Ghost our Souls inspire... is a stunningly beautiful hymn that is sung to a plainsong chant whose simplicity just adds up to the most perfect 'package'.

The second verse includes the word unction. Thy blessed unction from above is... Unction is an oil or salve for anointing. its something precious and special.

Why am I writing about this word? Because its been travelling around my mind for a few days. Its such an amazing word isn't it! simply because its rarely heard and used... And what does the hymn say unction is?

...comfort, life and fire of love

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