Friday, 25 March 2011

This is going to have a sense of deja vu!!

However, the train journey back today was utterly, utterly wonderful! Spring has well and truly sprung!

Willow trees are just magical this time of the year. They look like masses of golden tresses. The way the hang and move remind me to locks of hair. The colour is so delicate its almost surreal. The leaves are tiny little shards of bright yellow beauty.

While most other trees still linger in their winter state willows are adorning the countryside with their presence.

The train dawdled quite a bit but still managed to come in on time?! How does it do that... However, while we were at a standstill in a cutting I was treated to the most delightful display of primroses. Masses of them adding a delicate splash of colour to the otherwise drab undergrowth.

Primroses always seem so quintessentially British. They epitomise spring for me.

Then, finally, I reached Norwich and the blackthorn was just amazing. Even better than last week - everywhere seemed to be a cloud of delicate white flowers.

Is it better because winter has seemed so long? Is it the same but we appreciate it more?

Does it really matter when it makes your heart sing...

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