Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I just have to share what happened to me yesterday evening with you!

On the majority of Tuesday evenings I go along to a Bible study group in the home of a close friend of mine. Last night was a little unusual in so much as just as it was about to start my friend took a call from her elderly father who had fallen and was unable to get up. She dropped everything - of course - and went to his aid, quite a long journey by car. As she left the room she looked around and said "Steve has planned the worship and Sue is going to lead the study" as she thrust her notes and book-marked Bible at me!

Fortunately - and she knew this - I wasn't phased by it but the topic was all about worrying. The bit where Jesus talks about food and clothes and asks why we worry when the birds of the air are fed sufficiently and flowers of the field are clothed beautifully... he says that we can't add another hour to our lives by worrying. Yet we do... worry that is.

To get the evening going I had to think on my feet because some were struggling to identify something they worried about - quite a healthy sign really! So I mentioned two things at the opposite end of my worry scale. The first example, because it was fresh in my mind, was the tale I told yesterday about the child who was trapped in the earthquake texting her parents - it heightened my own fears as a parent. To lighten the mood though my example from the other end of the scale was the fact I don't have shoes to go with my outfit for my son's wedding!

Maybe its our British sense of humour but for the rest of the evening the touchstone was my shoes - they were deemed sufficiently 'serious' to worry over! It was good because there were a couple more times when we needed to lift the tension and ease the anxiety levels.

The reason I'm boring you with all this is because when the group dispersed at the end of the evening I checked my mobile and saw a message from my Mum. It said "can you call me as soon as possible - don't panic"! Given the evening started with an elderly person falling I found it hard to not panic - even worry! So I called her immediately. She wanted to tell me that she'd found an outfit for my son's wedding and that it was 'bright pink'! (My Mum usually wears neutral colours so this was exciting news.) However, she had more to tell. The outfit had some shoes and a bag as part of the deal. The shoes are bright pink too with gold heels and a size 7 (my mum takes 6.5). She'd got them for me because she thought the deal was too good to miss and she seemed to recall I still didn't have any...

Brilliant! Why worry...

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