Monday, 28 March 2011

I feel slightly perturbed...

I'm going to be at a conference for the next two days and I have no idea whether I'll be able to access a computer to do this... It will feel strange! I've tried to capture a thought for so many days now and even though I started to write one on Christmas Eve I polished the final version on Christmas Day and posted it amid the festivities!

So it could be a real trial and then three days worth of ponderings!!

Today has had a real sense of being on a cusp... betwixt and between winter and spring. We woke to thick fog but even as we drove towards the station some 50 minutes later it was clearing. The spire of Norwich Cathedral was silhouetted against a crystal clear blue sky at the top and shrouded in thick fog at its base!

The garden I took in eagerly as I departed was a wonderful mix of bright spring colours, mostly purples and yellows, with the odd dash of pink. But the trees are still mostly bare, though the faintest hint of green is beginning to transform their austere winter garb.

So it feels like a threshold moment... neither one thing or the other...

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