Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Have I mentioned how important I think listening is?

The older I get the more I realise just how key that is and just how much we under value and ignore it. In fact the older i get the more dull my memory becomes so I may well have posted this before... but its a big hobby horse of mine!

You will have worked out by now that I'm fascinated by all sorts of things but the rise in Complementary Medicine is one that particularly intrigues me. I think traditional medicine is good, well researched, generally well delivered and we benefit so much from it. You only have to look at the plight of folk in developing countries to work out that!

Yet we are seeing an increasing number of folk turning to alternative therapies for a whole range of reasons. For a long time I have wondered whether that is linked to the amount of time they are prepared and able to spend on the 'client'. Our GPs and the nurses attached to their surgeries are so pushed for time it feels like a conveyor belt. Its not their fault - its a symptom/function of the system.

On the other hand alternative therapists have the luxury of choosing (and frequently) charging for however long they feel you need. In that statement lies the truth - time is a luxury in our lives. My flatmate was telling me last night about all the listening he'd had to do over the last few days and how much he was going to have to do in the coming days and over the weekend.

On the real privileges I have in my life is being a spiritual director - the pleasure of being a listening post and walking with someone as they explore their faith journey is truly special... But listening can be helpful in all walks of life - even or especially work

I know I've made this point before but it bears reiterating... its that precious a gift...

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