Thursday, 24 February 2011


Is one of the words I struggle to get my tongue round! It seems to have far too many vowels in for its own good. I either end up adding some extra ones in or blurring the existing ones into something that approaches how it should be said.

However, it sprung into my mind - it can do when I don't have to verbalise it - this morning when I recognised someone on the tube. I have no idea who they are or what they do but I feel I know them because they are frequently on the same tube as I go to work in the morning. Its rather similar to the man who always gets of the Circle Line on a Monday morning with his wheeled suitcase, who remains a couple of steps ahead of me and then dives into one of the office blocks on Tothill Street. Or the young woman who is so stunningly attractive that eyes follow her as she gets off the District line at Monument as I go home in the evenings.

In all those cases I doubt I'd even recognise the individuals in a different setting and yet they feel part of my regular daily routine.

Conversely, on Tuesday as I got off the Mersey Rail train in Bootle you could've knocked me down with a feather when the first two people I bumped into on the platform were two of the 24 folk who work in our tiny office. The chances of that happening are high. We all work for the same organisation and we were all visiting HQ. Yet it still surprised me and felt unfamiliar!

We are such creatures of habit aren't we... or at least I am!

I actually draw comfort in seeing the people I expect to see in the surroundings I expect them to be in. There is something that just feels 'right' about it. There is something reassuring about teh expected.

I like familiarity!!

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