Monday, 21 February 2011

Weddings are VERY much on my radar!

Our son gets married at the end of April - I may have mentioned this before - but the pace is not hotting up seriously! Our daughter has just got engaged and plans to marry in August or September 2012 - as she will emigrate to the US in May this year lots of the key decisions have to be made before then. Finally, our goddaughter got engaged a few days ago and will marry this September.

On Friday evening, as we gathered to celebrate the engagement, I noticed a large pile of magazines by the sofa in the lounge. They were all wedding magazines that had been passed on to her! In fact prior to the engagement my goddaughter had brought one and resorted to looking at it when her fiancé was not present. Her Mum coined the phrase "wedding porn" - which hit the nail on the head and caused much laughter!

However, a quick glance in them and a comparison to my increasing personal experience, I can confirm that "a lot has changed since my wedding day"!

When I got married I made my dress - it was therefore unique - but it cost a tiny fraction of the shop price even in those days. We made all the bridesmaids dresses and I made my Mum and my Grandma's outfits (one was a dress and coat!!) A close friend of the family did printing work and printed the invitations and Orders of Service to my design. We did have a reception at a local hotel but it was a buffet lunch and we'd left the place by 4pm!

Is one style better than the other - the modern trend for a "big" do versus the previous more homespun way? No, of course not... but I am sure that both could benefit from considering the other.

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