Friday, 11 February 2011

It feels a lot later in the year than February to me... does it to you?

I'm sure its because we had so much snow, ice and frost so early in the winter and for such a prolonged period of time. It feels like it should be spring and yet the reality is its still winter!

Everything in my garden at home seems to be equally confused. The bulbs are all breaking through the frost hardened soil - but I'd expect them to be. I'm also relieved they are because I got a serious blister on the palm of my right hand when I spent the weekend digging them in. I wanted to bury them deep so that I avoided damaging them when weeding and didn't have to dig them up each year, dry and replant them.

However, I was really shocked to see that the rhubarb was beginning to break through the surface too. It just seems far too early and far too risky - we could get a frost at any time! It was borderline recklessness! I immediately covered the tender shoots and made a mental note to get some straw.

The birds are in overdrive too. They are consuming sunflower seeds at double the normal rate. I can't work out if its more birds eating the same or the same number eating more or a combination of the two! I suspect they're preparing for nesting.... and I also assume that demands lots of extra energy!

We don't like being caught unawares do we...? Or at least I don't!

I prefer things to be relatively orderly and "no surprises" the mantra for each day, week, season.

Its even more so when we consider relationships with family, friends, colleagues etc. It's often hurtful when you suddenly realise that what you've been quietly preparing for has been overtaken by another event that you were blissfully ignorant of.
Expect the unexpected!!

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