Monday, 28 February 2011

Unusually I am making a direct link between the photo and my musings today!

I just adore Victorian railway stations. The architecture is so stylised and completely over the top - the renovated St Pancras is a wonderfully classic example. Nothing is spared the elaborate detail - in particular the tops of the various iron pillars and columns are always heavily decorated with the most brilliant metallic equivalent of "fret" work.

Needless to say the weather wasn't this good this morning - this photo is a case of "here's one I took earlier"!

So these patterns got me thinking and linking!

Earlier in the day I'd been reading a fascinating article about an ancient Ethiopian cross. They had a photo to accompany the piece - it was utterly breathtaking. So fabulously intricate and entwined. It reminded me of Celtic knot work.

There is something beautiful about Celtic designs - they have no beginning or end, you can trace your way round them without stopping. I love that idea and in particular I love the idea of how that links to faith... How God's love and care and protection is endless, seamless and infinite.

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