Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Flowers featured quite highly on my radar yesterday!

Most notably it was St Valentine's day so that everywhere I went there were folk clutching bouquets or single roses or one of those square bags filled with flowers. Some had helium balloons attached. Others had another bag with a bottle of something exciting peeping from the top.

I didn't get any flowers. I didn't expect any, in fact I would've been shocked if I had! I've only ever been given a single red rose once and the romanticism of it remains with me to this day - even though it will be 40 years ago this summer! I wonder what that (no longer) young man is doing now...

I have also been watching a new florist's that has just opened in the little arcade at the nearest tube station to my work avidly. I love florists! The aroma is unique - I always want to walk in and inhale the heady mix of scents deeply. The gorgeous colours and textures of the different flowers just fill me with a desire to touch them - oh so gently though!

The perfume from this shop pervades the whole area and it lifts my spirits each morning. I do hope it will survive. Flowers are a luxury. Even ones that are arranged beautifully and displayed perfectly. I noticed quite a few red roses lingering this morning. They looked slightly forlorn, almost wistful. Yearning to bring happiness, longing to be a symbol of the love of the giver, cherished by the recipient.

And then there are wedding flowers! My son and future daughter in law will marry at the very end of April. Last night I got a long email all about the wedding flowers for the reception. Its getting very close and I still have to think about what I need to order for the flowers in the church.

As I said flowers filled my radar yesterday!

They mark so much in our lives don't they...

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