Monday, 7 February 2011

I am a water baby... By that I mean I grew up in Norfolk, a county where water is ever present. The Broads and rivers define the county and more than two "sides" of the county's boundaries are surrounded by the sea. In fact for a long, long time I thought the sea was always freezing cold and a sort murky grey, sandy colour... I learnt to swim in the North Sea and have a great affection for it but I know I'm not selling it with that description!

But back to water and my wonderful home county. Water is so synonymous with the area that the only paintings I've ever seen that truly capture the feel of the place are watercolours. Images where the shades meld into one another and every thing has a sense of misty dilution about it.

I think its absolutely stunning... and it also helps me appreciate the vibrant primary colours that you get in Mediterranean countries.

But I was reflecting on paths this morning as the train trundled its way towards London and my eye was drawn to the meandering rivers and streams that run alongside the track in places. They make huge loops and giant arcs to and fro, never taking the direct route or at least never appearing to take the direct route. Even the little rivulets on the estuary that carry away the last remnants of the receding tide do so in great sweeps of luscious curves...

It got me thinking about how often our own "life paths" are like that.

Wandering and slightly distracted.

Rarely going straight for "it" but taking the path of least resistance...

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