Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I think I've already owned up if not explicitly then implicitly to be a people-watching addict!

I just find endless fascination and food for thought in observing the folk around me. Travelling to places on my own gives me almost infinite opportunities to indulge this habit. I'm in Liverpool for work at the moment, I travelled up last night and then made my way from the city centre this morning to our HQ in Bootle.

Walking from the hotel to the train station I narrowly avoided being swept briskly away on a tide of clean smelling foam. I say briskly because the person who was wielding the stiff bristled brush was both efficient and clearly determined to do make that part of the pavement glisten! There was a real vigour to those brushstrokes!

I just love to see people who are absorbed in and by what they are doing. I just think its brilliant to see folk who take a real pride in and a tremendous satisfaction from their work.

However, the thing that caught my eye the most was her footwear... she was wearing UGG boots!!! Sloshing around in diluted bleach... splashing and getting splashed... Oh my goodness!

Now that is what I call style!! :-)

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