Friday, 4 February 2011

I was working away at my desk yesterday afternoon when I happened to notice the time - it was nearly 5pm! I was shocked. I had no idea it was so late, I still had quite a bit to complete but I'd intended to leave work early.

I realised what had thrown me - it was still light!

We're now over a month on from the shortest day and the gradual change in daylight has accumulated. In fact I have noticed on my journey's home on Friday that I can see more and more before the light fades. I'm hoping that it will still be light enough to see the estuary at Manningtree later. Its such a beautiful view...

It also started me thinking that its not that far to when the clocks change and we really begin to look forward to long, balmy evenings.

Rhythm and routine are so important in our lives. I remember the battle I had to establish both when my children were born, the second time was easier but still pretty tough. I find it strange when I go on holiday to somewhere closer to the Equator and the sun goes down so early. It just doesn't seem right! Warm evenings are hard-wired into my brain as being light!

Equally, I am not sure I could cope with living in the Arctic Circle - land of the midnight sun and winters that are interminably dark. I love to experience both - but just for a few days, no more. I'm sure I'd find it utterly disorientating.

We are so conditioned aren't we.

I guess if I'd been born in the Arctic Circle the rhythms of my life would be so very different.

But I wasn't and I can't wait for spring evenings now!!

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