Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I've been mulling over the idea of "cleaving" since that word came up, unusually, in a conversation late last week.

Biblically, its mostly used when talking about sons cleaving from their families and joining to their wives, though not daughters. However, in these days of gender equality I get a real sense that in our modern society all children cleave from their parents and join their new partner.

Cleave... Its such a beautiful word. I assume its where we get cleaver from... or vice versa... but I digress!

Its more than just leaving, which can be a temporary state - that is you can return. Cleaving has a greater imperative about it somehow. It sounds and feels more final.

My son will get married this year and my daughter has just got engaged so will follow suit at some point in the not too distant future. Both have truly flown/will truly fly the proverbial nest. My son has already moved to Edinburgh with his work and my daughter will follow her fiance to California.

Of course I feel that pain of separation but its tempered by the delight of seeing them both so content, happy and settled with their partners.

Life is like that... we bring up our children and equip them to leave us and eventually to cleave from us and their "old" lives...

Cleave... Its such a beautiful word and an even more joyful action!

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