Friday, 18 February 2011

Where does the time go to? Friday's seem to come round quicker each week.

I look at my post-it-notes 'to do' list on my desk and there are still many of the things on it that stared out at me on Monday morning - and yet I've been busy all week. I'm not complaining - I like it when days are busy and fly by - but in a few days it will be March already, spring will be well and truly round the corner. The clocks will go forward and light nights will be with us for another few months.

One of the challenges about living in two places is being sufficiently organised to anticipate whats on the horizon. This morning I not only gathered together stuff to take home to Norwich but I also had to pack a case ready for Monday evening when I will travel to Liverpool for two nights. I had to make a decision about what I might want to wear next Wednesday! Goodness knows what the weather will be like - hopefully it won't be a heatwave as I think that's the only climate scenario I'd struggle to cope with! But that is unlikely.

Its so easy to wish your life away...

Some times we forget that each day is precious because, despite our plans and organisational skills, there is no guarantee that I'll reach next Wednesday. Anything could happen. Fortunately for the very vast majority it doesn't but for a few something life changing will occur.

I was reminded earlier this week how important it is to life each day as if it were your last. And by that I don't mean party all day every day - that would be crazy - but I do mean remember to tell those who mean so much to you that they do...
Did you love to play 'clocks' with dandelions seed heads? Its was a favourite childhood game - still is. Aren't dandelions clever, they use humans to distribute their seeds...

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