Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For the last three days I've been attending General Synod - which is the Church of England's elected governing body. I've been a member for 20 years now, if I say it quickly it doesn't sound too scary! I've just been re-elected for another 5 years and I think that will then be enough!

We had a meeting of the small group of us who make up the Standing Committee for the House of Laity - that is we look after - or try to - the best interests of those members who are not clergy or bishops.

After each election we have the same issue, a significant number are new to Synod and therefore don't know many others so we're arranging a meal together when we meet in York in the summer. Ideas for what we might do were invited...
I rather like the idea of do something silly! Like having a theme for example - my 40th birthday party was themed, "Wear what you were wearing when the boat went down". We had everything from a mechanic to a pirate plus all sorts in between! Great fun!

Possibly not ideal for people who are having to pack suitcases and carry clothes for the weekend though! So my mind continued to whirr... My next thought was why not have us all sing as a big choir and give a rousing rendition of "Getting to know you"...

So often we're just far too serious about things and actually a jolly good sing song would achieve what we want - people to laugh and relax and enjoy one another's company! I suspect we'll do something worthy though so that it doesn't appear frivolous and wasteful...

Shame :-( not least because I have endless "proof" that tells me God has got a wicked sense of humour!! :-)

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