Wednesday, 16 February 2011

We're now in the seventh week of this year. How are your resolutions going?

I've been thinking about my own! I'm doing alright with one and not at all well with another!

The one that I'm having success with involves making a new habit. The one I'm failing at involves trying to break an old habit! Why is it so much easier to establish a new routine as opposed to breaking an old one? I guess the secret lies in just how much I truly want to achieve this. What is my motivation? Am I doing this because I want to or because I ought to?

I want to walk more - lots of people walk in London, even when the weather isn't great. I've started walking a particular journey, from work (Westminster) to church (Holborn Viaduct). It takes me about 35 minutes if I don't get distracted by something - the full moon caused a major disruption last month! Its great, I enjoy it and I positively look forward to it.

Where I am failing is that I want to try and shift a few pounds of flab. At least I think I want to but my motivation seems to be virtually zero and I'm find it hard, borderline impossible, to change my eating and drinking habits significantly!

Maybe I just feel I ought to lose weight... How do I make that gear shift. How do I make ought into want? I know I'd be really chuffed if I did shift the pounds! Why is it so difficult? I do know that some days I don't have the energy to do it, maybe that's where it all goes wrong...

Each day I wake determined to crack it... but so far its not working!

Our habits, good and bad, new and old, have a wider impact. On our family and friends. Our colleagues and acquaintances. And taken to the extreme - on our world and all those who share this precious planet with us.

By the way - a flower update! I can report that the forlorn - but fresh - roses looked much, much happier this morning. They had been joined by bright gerbera! Lively oranges, shocking pinks, sultry purples jostled with the crimson red roses. They looked so cheerful, it made me smile!

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