Saturday, 5 February 2011

Trains are a great way to travel - I love them. They truly do 'take the strain'! They are a fascinating "feeding ground" if you happen to be someone who loves "people watching" like me.

Last night's journey home was no exception! I always buy timed tickets so they come with a reservation. Quite often the reservations aren't put out, for a whole ranges of reasons and to be honest I've got to the stage where it doesn't bother me. But it never ceases to amaze me how many folk are really upset by that!

Last night we were treated to a classic example. Four women arrived in my coach, with large bags so I deduced they were either on their way to and from a trip away. There were no reservations so folk were sitting in the closest free seat. I'd got there early for once but someone was already in "my" seat, I just moved to the next row and settled myself.

However, one of these four women was not amused. She went on about it trying to make the two innocent men who were in "her" seats move. The group spilt into two pairs and found adjacent seats but the lady who was being most voluble wasn't comfy and decided to go and sit with the two men. That was fine for all concerned, her friend was settled but she was summoned to fill the other empty seat.

(Sorry this is a very long shaggy dog story but hang in there!!)

The poor friend sighed (discretely) and moved. But the woman kept on and on about the reservations. To the point that the two poor men eventually waved the white flag of surrender and went in search of peace and quiet.

I felt really sorry for those poor guys... all they'd done was sit down but they were treated to a constant barrage of whinging. And at the end of the day it is just a seat...

I also realised as I reflected on all the fuss that I was embarrassed by the whole fiasco! It just seemed so trivial in the whole scheme of things. We have people fighting for freedom and risking their lives in all sorts of places throughout the middle east. Democracy, freedom and justice - that's something to get vociferous about!

I was grateful for my earphones and music... soothing, peaceful and uplifting!

Oh, by the way it was still just about light when we got to Manningtree estuary. I could just make out the tide line and the shiny curves of the sand... fabulous :-)

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